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‘A building may be zero carbon, zero waste and have insulation made from organically reared, ethically sourced yak hair, but it may be a diabolical building to work in that is hated by occupants, so can hardly be called sustainable.’ (John Alker, UK GBC, Feb 2014) The market these days is full of suggestions for the new eco-minded consumer. The confusion exists

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Please click a link below to see the information: Resilience Planning in a Changing Climate by Peter Bulmer, Cheshire West and Chester

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Health, Sleep and Happiness

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Diseases need to be looked beyond symptoms. We all have a bio-energy field around us called the ‘Abha mandal’ or Aura. Reiki talks about it, Chinese medicine and Tai Chi talk about its balance and Ayurveda wants to heal it. Diseases manifest many days after the aura is affected at subtle levels. Modern lives, the use of technology at home and the new buzz word

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Look Inside – Outside: Supporting Wellness through Healthy Buildings

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Look Inside - Outside: Supporting Wellness through Healthy Buildings   For thousands of years, holistic architectural practices have taught that buildings profoundly influence every aspect of our lives. Now neuroscience explains why. “Changes in the environment change the brain, and therefore they change our behaviour.”   In ancient Indian planning methods

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Food Waste

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Food waste in the UK is a big problem. According to some organisations 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink (this can fill 9 Wembley Stadiums) are thrown away every year in the UK and the reasons are either because we prepare too much of it or we do not consume it in time. Worldwide this issues expands even more leading to 1.3 billion tonnes of food wastage a year, which

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