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Why Eggs?

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Why Eggs? Eggs are what some may call the perfect dieting solution! Eggs are wonderfully nutritious- they contain the gold standard* for protein, are inexpensive and extremely versatile to work with in the kitchen. Eggs keep satiety levels high and making you feel full till lunch. *Gold “standard”- contains all 8 essential amino acids, these are the amino acids

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Energy density

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Energy density The term energy density represents the number of kcal per unit weight in a food.  High energy density foods provide a lot of energy even when eating small amounts of them.  Low energy density foods provide little energy even when consuming large amounts of them.  Fat is a major factor of increasing the energy density of different foods. 

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Sickle Cell Awareness Month 2013

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July 2013 is National Sickle Cell awareness month.  It aims to make people aware what sickle cells are and what disorders they cause. Sickle cells are abnormal red blood cells with a crescent shape.  The shape of the cells can block sections of blood vessels which leads to severe pain, lasting from a few minutes to a few months.  The sickle cells have a

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Spinach is a source of vitamin A, vitamin E antioxidant and other compounds that reduce potential cancer-causing damage to our DNA. This green leafy vegetable is the richest source of folic acid or folate. However folate is lost in the cooking process, therefore it is best to eat spinach raw in salads or use only little water and cook it for a short time to minimise

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National childhood obesity week 2013 1st – 7th July 2013

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  [caption id="attachment_1703" align="alignnone" width="300"] sport kids[/caption] National childhood obesity week was introduced in 2011 by MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do it!) and the National Obesity Forum.  Its aim is to focus on child obesity issues and how to tackle them.  Every year during the week, the healthy living programs across the

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