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Thinking of going veggie?

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With the rising popularity of the part time vegan, vegetarian, flexitarians, meat-reducers or those simply pledging to go vegan or vegetarian for just a few days or a month, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss what things you should consider when eating a plant-based diet in order to ensure it is healthy and nutritionally adequate. First the basics,

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The Paleo Diet – How healthy is it actually?

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The famous Paleo Diet that many people are following these days is thought to be healthy and nutritious, and claims to have a lot of health benefits. Some of them are weight loss and improved blood lipids desired by many people who are trying to lose weight. In addition, some research indicates it may also be good for people with diabetes. There are a variety of books

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Green Networking in Chester

By at January 15, 2014 | 10:00 am | 0 Comment

Green Pages launch  Green Networking Events in Chester. Green Networking is a FREE informal monthly opportunity for green healthy local businesses to meet, chat, network, collaborate and help to promote healthy lifestyle to local community. First event is in January. Kick start the new year for your business making new connections, be introduced to many new

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Food Portions – size matters!

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[caption id="attachment_2442" align="alignleft" width="576"] Portion size[/caption] Food portions - size matters! Over the past 20 years, our food portions have increased drastically and today many can only be described as "supersized". It is estimated that portion sizes are now at least two times larger than they were 20 years ago. However, to maintain a healthy

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