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Nutrition Fair 2016

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I’m sure it goes without saying that cold temps, what seem like weekly wind and rain storms, lack of sunshine, heated styling tools, and indoor central heating is not a recipe for lustrous locks.

Here’s my three-step plan to get the hair of your dreams…

  1. Ditch the yucky stuff

I’m sure you all know by now that there are some nasty chemicals in commercial skincare products (I mean, I say it often enough!), and the same goes for your hair care products.

Mass-produced shampoos are basically just detergents full of chemicals to strip your hair and scalp of dirt and oil – the most well-known being Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, or SLS. You may have already heard some bad things about SLS… It was originally created for industrial use. When rinsed from the skin or hair, the product will have cleaned the area, but will also have taken moisture from the top layers of the skin or from the hair, which means dry and damaged hair.

So, what to do? Try using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Our Geranium & Ylang-Ylang Shampoo uses a blend of gorgeous natural ingredients to gentle cleanse your hair and scalp, leaving you with soft and shiny hair.

  1. Leave the heat behind

Hair is very tough, but any heat over 180°C (which most straighteners and curling tongs reach easily) will damage the cuticle of the hair — the hard outer protective coating on each strand. Repeated straightening or curling causes a breakdown in the cuticle. This starts as split ends, but can reach all the way up the hair, causing it to break off.

What should you do? Reduce the heat and embrace your natural self! Start by giving your hair a “day off” from heated styling once a week, then try two days a week, then three...

  1. Feed it!

When your hair is looking and feeling neglected and under-nourished, then it’s time to give something back. I love the results of a good hair mask. You can easily whip up something from ingredients you’ve got in your kitchen cupboard… which is what I did the other day.

I mashed half a banana and then mixed it with 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp aloe vera gel, a splash of olive oil, and a few drops of chamomile essential oil. When all the ingredients were blending together well, I simply massaged it into my hair from root to tip and left it for an hour or so, with my hair wrapped in clingfilm (you could use a shower cap) and then a towel.

Afterwards, I rinsed the mask out as much as possible (it helps if you gently comb your hair while wet, to get the bulk of the mask out), then washed my hair as normal with the shampoo I mentioned above, and left it to dry naturally.

It was quite amazing how instantly revived my hair looked and felt – so soft and shiny!

As I said, there are loads of other ingredients you could use... how about mashed avocado, coconut oil, raw egg, plain yoghurt, ground almonds, ground oatmeal... or if you want to get a bit more exotic, how about rhassoul mud, cosmetic clay, or even henna powder if you want to brighten your colour even more... the list goes on.

If you want something a little less messy, why not try a hair oil, instead. Our Sandalwood & Orange Hair Repair Oil contains a blend of naturally nourishing plant oils and essential oils to to bring health and life back to dry and damaged hair. This oil can be used day-to-day to gently hydrate dry hair, or use it occasionally as a full hot oil treatment.

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Your turn...

I'd love to hear if you have any other tips or tricks for keeping your hair healthy, especially if you have a secret recipe of a hair mask that you'd like to share! Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Sami Blackford

Sami Blackford is The Skin Stylist, the force of passion behind Love Yourself Naturally, and founder of the Freyaluna natural skincare brand. After battling acne for many years, Sami finally found the secret path to clear and healthy skin, and she has since made it her mission to reach out to women around the world and help them along the same journey. Using a unique blend of natural skincare, nutrition and lifestyle advice, and a caring nature, she guides women to the healthy skin they deserve to see reflected in the mirror. Need skin help? Book a Custom Consultation >>

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