Diabetes Week 9 – 15 June 2013


This week (9 – 15 June) is diabetes week in the UK. This year it is aimed at research and getting more people involved and becoming part of diabetes research. You can find more information about diabetes week by following this link :


If you want to get involved and raise funds and awareness about diabetes, you could also order a free Diabetes Week pack from the website.

Here is some general information about how to avoid getting Type 2 diabetes:
People are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes if they are overweight or obese. Around 80% of people with diabetes are overweight or obese when they are diagnosed. The fat around the abdomen is thought to put you at greater risk because it releases chemicals that can distress the metabolic and cardiovascular systems in the body. If you are able to do regular exercise and decrease your weight by around 5%, this can reduce the risk of getting diabetes by about 50%.


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I graduated from the University of Chester in November 2012 with a degree in Human Nutrition. I am very passionate about leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I am currently working together with the Green Pages UK to promote healthy eating within the local community of Chester. I have an interest in working with families with young children and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. In the past I have provided healthy eating sessions for homeless people at Harold Tomlin Training and Resource Centre in Chester, which included information on healthy eating and nutrition, buying low cost healthy food, food preparation, food hygiene, how to cook and present food. In addition, I have also delivered community talks in order to raise awareness on Weight, Carbohydrate intake and Type 2 Diabetes amongst people with disabilities at Dial House Chester. In march 2012 I published two abstracts in Diabetic Medicine.