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Detoxing with “Fay’s Favourite” and re-energising with “Good Morning”

The word “detoxing” seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment and in the late winter (after the excesses and stagnation of the shortest days of the year) and early spring (getting ready for a busy year ahead), it is important to have a good clear out – in the body just as much as in the home! One of my favourite blends, which is also great for helping the body to remove toxins, is called Fay’s Favourite. It contains Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Ginger and Lemongrass. Stinging Nettle is traditionally used in the treatment of arthritis, because it is diuretic, thins the blood and thus facilitates the removal of toxins which clog up inflamed joints. Additionally, it is packed with iron and vitamin C.

Rosemary is associated with improving memory and clearing the mind - it is easier to remember the important things when the mind is less cluttered!

Ginger is considered warming and energising, while Lemongrass has a long tradition of medicinal use in Ayurveda in the treatment of respiratory infections due to its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties.
Since it is so good at removing toxins, one of my friends swears by Fay’s Favourite to treat a hangover!

Whenever I speak about Good Morning!, I just have to tell the story of how it was put together. It was a glorious sunny morning at the Glade festival when a young man called Luke approached me and enquired about a nice blend to take home to his friend. Nothing I showed him was quite the right thing, so we got creative and I made a bespoke blend.
He knew he wanted something suitable for first thing in the morning and he liked Peppermint, to which I added Heather flowers (because it is nice to look at a pretty pink flower first thing in the morning), Ginger (to energise for the day ahead) and Lemon peel (all that refreshing Vitamin C is also nicely energising) – hey presto!
A refreshing and energising tea infusion with Peppermint, which helps release bowel cramps (and is therefore used in the treatment of IBS) and has been used and cultivated by humans for over 10.000 years!

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