Look Inside – Outside: Supporting Wellness through Healthy Buildings

Look Inside - Outside: Supporting Wellness through Healthy Buildings


For thousands of years, holistic architectural practices have taught that buildings profoundly influence every aspect of our lives. Now neuroscience explains why. “Changes in the environment change the brain, and therefore they change our behaviour.”


In ancient Indian planning methods they mention a 'someone special' which was the basic of all design. This depiction was just a guideline which was then followed in all ancient structures from the Mayans, the Pyramids to temples of the Greeks and Romans! Building mass rules were governed by our inner anatomy. For over 40 years Bau-biologists have researched the effects of indoor environments, identified the major causes of indoor pollution and documented the most effective strategies for reducing your exposure and lessening the toxic burden on your health and the earth. 


Have you ever wondered how you feel in different spaces? Do colours influence you or is it a particular music or even an aroma of a space reminding you of something? Join us for next weeks and explore "how buildings impact life and the living environment."


This is a journey which will touch all areas of your life, your life goals and overall well-being. To transform your living or working space in harmony to a ‘Happy and Healthy’ space, please email yamini.k@yadesignproject.com for an initial FREE 20 minute consultation via phone or skype valued at £48.


A typical ‘Heal My Space’ consultation with Yamini will look at using the principles of healthy and sustainable environments, careful evaluation of the effects of light quality, sleep patterns, space ventilation, room orientations, acoustics and speech, co-ordinate colour choices and free built forms from indoor toxins. Also discover the subtle dimensions of living to enjoy abundance and be in harmony with nature. Typical questions for an analysis will include:

a. How long have you been living in this house / property?

b. Do you have the feeling that the living space has some influence on you?

c. How is the well-being of the family/staff of the occupied space?

d. Which problems do you encounter since you have been living or renting the place?

e. Do the occupants have health problems?

f. Are there some serious problems in the family or business?


Change Your Thinking, Change Your Actions, Change Your Life ...


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Colours Consultations for Well-being | Holistic Architecture | Building Biology | Arts and Design with a passion for ancient cities, regenerating and sustaining built environments. Creativity to me means hope, expression and therapy and I believe in the powerful role of \'integrated and mindful\' design to uplift and heal sick built environments.