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The Health Hut in Chester, on North Gate Street, is much more than a city centre café. When I went to find out what they had on offer I was blown away by the level of dedication that the Health Hut team are putting in, to provide their Chester customers with “clean” and nutritious food.

Going out to eat, if you are conscious about your diet, can be a bit of a minefield. If you have a vegetarian, vegan, gluten or dairy free diet, your likely to be acquainted with choosing from a very small section of the menu. If you have dietary requirements, such as a training diet or a weight loss plan, you will also be used to choosing narrowly. Unless you live in Chester that is, because in our  fine city we have a unique independent business that is passionate about healthy eating, in the words of the Health Hut manager Kate Smith “eating clean”, and their whole menu is dedicated to it.

The Health Hut is open from 9am-9pm Monday to Saturday and serves, all day breakfasts (£3.50-£4.20), wraps (GF options £3.95), Nutri Bowls (3.99-5.50), Soup (£3.00), Hot and Healthy meals (£5.99-£7.99), Shakes and Raw fruit and vegetable juices (£3.50). They offer a wide range of sides (1.99) from seeds and leaves to sweet potato and cauliflower mash, they also serve “shots” (80p) such as their super seed toasted omega shot or a flax shot. You can sit in store for a relaxed lunch whilst people watching, or takeaway, for those of you who eat at the office.

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What the Health Hut provides is nutritious yet tasty meal options, weather you need a boost, pre or post gym workout, or you simply fancy a treat, without any of the sugar or grease. Nutritionally balanced breakfast bowls, or buckwheat pancakes topped with fruit and cinnamon offer a healthy yet delicious start to the day. The Hot and Healthy section of the menu offers substantial, satisfying meals, to fill you up for lunch or dinner while exciting your taste buds. With choices such as Sweet BBQ pulled pork or an organic chicken, sweet potato and quinoa stew, you won't be disappointed. And for those of you with a sweet tooth there are sugar free flapjacks and brownies on offer too, which can be washed down with an organic coffee or herbal tea.

Kate and her team are dedicated to providing food, which not only feeds the body in a healthy way, but also tastes good. Everything on the menu is cooked from scratch on the premises. Kate explains that most of their ingredients are organic, they bake instead of fry and refined salt and sugar are basically non-existent in their recipes. The team works hard to make sure the food they serve tastes great, using herbs, spices and cooking techniques to ensure the food is fresh, packed with nutrients and bursts with flavour. Kate and the team provide an array of services to get their good food onto your plate, they cater events, cooperate and private, deliver to offices or your home and cater for health and fitness businesses.

The menu is varied and if you can't find what you want Kate explains that the team are happy to put together what you need. Kate tells me that the Health Hut staff can also support customers to make choices which will optimise work outs or diet plans. All sounds to good to be true? We are all aware of fad diets, weight lose and health plans, which never really seem to work, are expensive and seem to have questionable “science” backing their claims. The Heath Hut offers something different. Kate and her team specialise in health and nutritional science, their chefs are studying both Human Nutrition at the University of Chester and have placements at the Dietetic Department at the University of Manchester. They have a team member who specialises in and is passionate about fitness and sports nutrition, along with Kate herself who has a background in diet and nutrition.

Kate and her team are seeing results, one of Kate's personal clients, who has diabetes, has stopped insulin intake after just 14 weeks of working with Kate on “clean eating”. Kate has worked with her client's doctor to bring about life changing results, through diet and exercise alone. Along with serving fresh, nutritious and delicious food daily, Kate and her team also offer diet plans, to support customers in making positive long-term life changes.

You can pop into the Health Hut and pick up a delicious breakfasts, lunch or dinner, but look under the surface of this operation and you see that so much passion and effort will have gone into producing your meal. Kate and her team are passionate about providing Chester with “clean eating” options. Weather you are a gym trainer bringing a customer to eat, a parent taking your kids out for lunch, or a passer by who wants a quick bite to eat, you can rest assured that what you eat at the health hut will be clean, fresh, natural and tasty and if you are anything like me, their enthusiasm will have you coming back for more.

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Katie Lyttle is a writer and social entrepreneur living and working in Chester. She is currently in the process of setting up one of the first Food Assemblies in the U.K, supporting Chester\'s local producers and their customers. Katie is passionate about ethical food choices, sustainable food systems and community.