Health, Sleep and Happiness

Diseases need to be looked beyond symptoms.

We all have a bio-energy field around us called the ‘Abha mandal’ or Aura. Reiki talks about it, Chinese medicine and Tai Chi talk about its balance and Ayurveda wants to heal it.

Diseases manifest many days after the aura is affected at subtle levels. Modern lives, the use of technology at home and the new buzz word ‘stress’ is all a by product of it. The old laws of ancient architectural sciences didn't have to deal with with electromagnetic interference or e-smog. It was unheard of. Remember we are all 90% water and the blood in our bodies contain Fe (Iron). This is the reason our brain cells are highly sensitive to any magnetic field around us. Even a magnet needle will deflect when placed near wireless hubs and smart phones. A few simple changes in your sleeping direction can work wonders because our bodies and soul are intimately attuned to the cycles of sun and moon—days, nights, seasons. For a patient with a weakened immune system , a good nights’s sleep can work wonders when a 2x2 m grid around the bed is e-smog free. Why?

….because Sleep is the best meditation.


Top tip  : For a body to properly detoxify during sleep it must be alkaline, and high electromagnetic fields lead to acidity.

Want to satisfy your hunger for a nourishing environment—without leaving home?  How about having your own sleeping sanctuary?

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Colours Consultations for Well-being | Holistic Architecture | Building Biology | Arts and Design with a passion for ancient cities, regenerating and sustaining built environments. Creativity to me means hope, expression and therapy and I believe in the powerful role of \'integrated and mindful\' design to uplift and heal sick built environments.