All work and no play, All play and no work

Continuing with our discussions on modern design approaches and occupant health integration at the recent Green Pages Coffee Morning event, lets explore work and play relationships. What is rest, relaxation and activity at workplace and at home? And how do we translate that to spaces around us.

Many cultures from ancient past used open common spaces to relax and socialise. People gathered in ‘Agora’ or courtyard not only outdoors but each dwelling revolved around such space which is now termed ‘atrium’ in modern offices. Scientific communities are even talking about links between neuroscience and architecture. The real questions is how are these spaces used now a days and can few elements in working environments be harmful for our productivity?

Balance is the key to orient rest and activity areas. Zoning helps in gradual transition from high activity to relaxation within minutes. At YA, we help you to carefully define rest and activity areas and compare the results with the daily schedule of the occupants. By balancing the distribution of rest and activity areas, you are signalled to pause and go into deeper meditations in minutes and search for the treasures that you already have within yourselves. This is the secret of space which has the power to quieten the mind. So, even in the midst of the greatest silence and solitude, there is intense activity and in the midst of the intensest activity, we can find the silence and solitude of the desert. This is 'Yoga of Architecture'. Our body ’s  response  to daylight is another  important clue as to how we can harness the power of biophilia.

“Your environment has a huge impact on how productive you are. That means the temperature in your room, the colour of your walls and the noise happening around you.”

Come join us on a journey to identify your own ‘feel good’ factor. Follow some simple rules to check your home or office. Maybe its just a favourite seat in front of the telly at home, or a chair or a window with a view reminding of your favourite holiday. 


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