Love is in the air…!

Love Is In The Air.....!

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We’re celebrating Valentines this month – just imagine Cupids arrows are poised and you’ve only got one shot.

This February, why not choose to romance yourself instead and make SELF LOVE your aim?! Not the narcissistic ‘Aren’t I wonderful’ kind – rather the essential regard for self that empowers you and helps you navigate through life. The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self.

Consider right this moment, how might your life be different if you gifted yourself true self approval and self acceptance, knowing that you are already ‘enough’?

When we start to shift our thoughts and words to more positive and loving ones, ALL our relationships improve, especially the one we are having with ourself....

When we neglect to love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY, we invite a host of potential problems and challenges into our lives. We may accept things and people that are not good for us and even start to deny our own worthiness.

We may invite poor health and dis-ease because we don’t learn to release negative emotional patterns such as fear, stress, worry, bitterness, blame, guilt, resentment and anger. All things which can wreak havoc in our bodies, because our thoughts are making us sick.

The more love we have for ourselves, the more we have to give to others. By choosing to forgive ourselves and show self compassion, we have more compassion for others.

Our happiness is our responsibility and self love is the key to creating lasting joy and peace within.

My own teacher, Louise Hay in America says that “loving yourself can create miracles in your life”.

And Rumi, “love is the bridge between you and everything.”

AFFIRM: “Every day , I am learning to love and appreciate myself more and more.”


I will be talking more on this topic at the March Liverpool Green networking event, if you would like to hear more.

In May 2017, I am also running a luxurious Irish retreat, on the Wild Atlantic Way, at beautiful Spanish Point called “Self Love Beside The Sea.” Please see for more details and email, if you are potentially interested in joining me  - a warm, Irish welcome awaits....

About Pat Bakewell

Pat has a breadth and depth of experience from over 25 years’ of her professionally qualified Coaching, Careers & Enterprise Advice, Education & Guidance,  NLP, Youth Support, Volunteering and Personal Development background. She coaches, mentors, teaches and supports people both one-to-one and in groups. She creates a space to enable them to positively move forward in all areas of their lives. Pat works with people of all ages, including young people and also corporately - inspiring business leaders and managers - to be inspiring – by leading and managing with heart and mind!

Pat is a licensed teacher and certified Heal Your Life® coach, running workshops, seminars and personal empowerment retreats locally and internationally, based on the principles of Louise L. Hay’s best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life.   She also works with local Education Business Partnerships - as an Enterprise Adviser to Sefton schools. Never one to stand still, she is also a student teacher at International Shiva Yoga centre in Liverpool. Pat has boundless energy and a tremendous zest for life and she’s looking forward to all the exciting opportunities to further learn and grow, which entering the second half of her life brings!



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