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As little children growing up in the Alps of Bavaria, my siblings and I used to present our mother with bunches of cowslip flowers which we gathered in the fields around our house in the week before mothers’ day. Little did I realise then, that cowslip (Primula veris) is also a potent herbal remedy with proven expectorant properties and that 30 years later I would use it in herbal tea infusions to help with the common cold and sinusitis, together with wood-sorrel (Oxalis acetosella), which I used to pick in the meadows near my primary school in order to munch on the sour leaves as a snack.

Over the years my travels, my studies, my own illnesses and recoveries and most importantly the people I met have again and again brought me in contact with herbs and spices and their uses in cooking and in maintaining health and well-being. In 2004, after herbal medicine & nutrition greatly improved my own health, I began blending herbal teas for family and friends. The list of blends I created has since grown (alongside my own two children) to well over 50 blends, which I have categorised into 5 groups

  1. Favourite Infusions – these are not necessarily designed for their health benefits, but primarily as a tasty & healthy alternative to other drinks.
  2. Ladies and Babies – including blends for pregnancy & breastfeeding, colicky babies, PMT & Menopause etc
  3. Remedies – for helping the body to cope with and recover from the little everyday niggles we all get from time to time.
  4. Potpourris – these blends can be infused as teas, but they can also be used together with essential oils as room fragrance or in pomanders.
  5. Culinary Blends – such as roast rubs, mixed peppercorns for peppermills and cream cheese.

And I still continuously create new blends!

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good morning Dolyang Herbals

Good Morning Dolyang Herbals tea

Fay's Favourite

Fay's Favourite Dolyang Herbals tea

Fragrant Blossoms

Fragrant Blossoms Dolyang Herbals tea

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